Monthly Archives: March 2012


The whole website has just undergone a makeover! Our new theme named Tenebris Lemma (which means “Dark Theme” in Latin) is now the default theme (it has been available since Wednesday in the themes section). Firstly, if you do not see the new theme yet then that’s because either your browser has cached the site. […]


So this is something I was implementing today. And as I usually do with these sorts off tasks, I did a search on Google to see if there were good/bad methods to accomplishing the task I required. However the first result (which had the best approach I could find) said “Don’t do this!!”. to me […]


Ok, so I thought this was not possible, but in fact it is possible for you to reference a custom font file for a website using CSS… Not only does it works for all the latest browsers, but you can also get it to work with out-dated browsers as far back as IE6!!! So I […]


Quantum Web is now called Quantum Network & Promotions. PLEASE SEE THE LATEST POST – THIS IS OLD NEWS.   I first heard of this last night, but this morning it is finally verified. Quantum Web Solutions are now in liquidation! What a surprise this is?… not. So I wonder if the company is going to […]


Isn’t it annoying when you have a website that uses AJAX to load each page of the site, but the URL in the address bar just stays as the URL to the entry page to the site? Well it’s not just annoying its very user unfriendly too! Your users cannot hit F5 because that will […]


I have been working on a plugin for WordPress that implements AJAX for internal blog browsing. Today I proudly release this plugin for anyone with a WordPress blog or website to utilize. Features: Navigate the site with AJAX – Only required content is loaded into the page. While navigating the browsers address bar will update […]


Recently I have been working on a project for work that allows customers to book train tickets and a hotel in one package (saving them money), how the system is working is the user first selects there train travel, after which they are shown all the hotels on a Google Map. This map also shows […]


Firefox (and perhaps other browsers) seems to have a bug when it comes to using the scroll wheel on an embedded Google Map. Quite often the page will also scroll when you use the wheel to zoom in and out, this is really frustrating and made worse by the fact it doesn’t always happen! I’ve […]