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Tool that mounts an ISO file making it a CD/DVD

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When I first started downloading and creating ISO files a few years back, I thought to myself “I wonder if there is a way I could use this image as a CD Drive but without physically having to write the data onto a disk… That would be awesome!”.

Well after some investigation I found a somewhat neat piece if software called Daemon Tools. At first glance it was just what I wanted and does everything you could desire, however after a few weeks the cracks started to show.
My computer would experience random crashes, some games would not run correctly and the system generally slowed down.

After removing Daemon Tools all the problems went away, so it was my belief (and I haven't tried the software since) that the software was a little unstable and/or dodgy.

Skip to last night and I was looking for a solution again as I had just got a new laptop and wanted to install several pieces of software without having to write out a load of disks which would have taken forever.
upon doing my search on Open Source software sites I found this really neat application, so I hope you guys find it useful because it sure is useful for me!!


This is Open source software which enables you to Mount any ISO/CUE/NRG/MDS/MDF/CCD/IMG image to a emulated CD drive. The software is really small and compact and has a nice light footprint (unlike Daemon Tools, which is heavy, bulky and nasty).

the software will automatically mount images when you open them and can even mount an image over a network so you don't have to copy the ISO to the physical machine you wish to use it on!


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