Monthly Archives: December 2011


Here’s a neat tool if you are looking to utilize CSS3’s new gradient backgrounds feature. It adopts a Photoshop like interface, making it super easy to generate custom gradients. This online tool also provides some backwards compatibility for IE although when I was checking it out radial gradients just appeared as vertical in IE which […]


On December the 14, 2011 I shared a post on this blog, in fact this very post you may be reading right now. Back then me and my (still) girlfriend were very big on computer games, we were very familiar with a game called Minecraft which we spent many hours playing together when we lived apart. […]


Anyone looking to disable the Auto Complete drop down that appears when using an input box with the same name more than once can look no further. In your HTML all you need to do is specify autocomplete="off" on each input box you wish to disable auto-completion. Example <input type=”text” name=”email” value=”” autocomplete="off"> However you […]


A friend of mine named Porfirio Ribeiro once made this great set of functions to enable easy use of cookies from JavaScript. Hopefully some people will find this useful, feel free to re-use and re-distribute as long as you retain the original credit alongside any further credit if you modify or extend the functions. Here […]