Monthly Archives: October 2011


Live Emoticon Library has been updated this morning to fix a small issue that would stop someone using it on a website if there forums are in a sub folder. The blunder was completely my fault and I’m glad someone pointed it out so I could fix it . The update also adds a little […]


Today I have been improving the Emoticon Library by integrating some new features and enhancements. Quite a few of the changes will be unnoticeable right now and are internal changes ready for upcoming features. There are changes you will notice though, I have done some work on the Categories and Sets lists shown at the […]


The other week I bought a new domain name “”, today I managed to finally get it attached to my hosting provider (dumb me!). The new domain will hopefully be home to a new service I’m hoping to set up. I don’t want to give too much away, but basically the site will be a […]


Good morning, some of you may have noticed about a week ago that the theme of changed to a Halloween styled theme. However you may have also noticed that the theme was an out-dated v1 theme, the switch occurred because of a neat little feature I built into resplace some years ago, basically you […]


I’ve just come across this neat tool on the internet which will analyse a photo for alterations, providing an ELA image you can see areas that may have been altered highlighted in a lighter color. Below is an example image taken directly from the website, on the left is the original image and then on […]


I’ve recently decided (like many other people I suspect) to utilize a few of the best social networking sites rather than just using Facebook. This is for a few reasons: My friends are not just using Facebook, and so I wish to let them know what I’m doing on whatever there using. When posting updates […]


So I’ve started a new job working for Raileasy, which is a train ticket sales company. My first job here is to work on a system called Eurostar, it will allow customers to book eurostar train travel tickets. One of the major features I have been working on is a feature which constantly checks all […]


Quantum Web is now called Quantum Network & Promotions. So firstly to those who don’t know, here’s a quick history on Quantum Web Solutions (from what I’ve been told): The company is a simple, small Web Development company based in Shrewsbury, they take their clients requirements and build them a fully functional website system. It  […]


So again I’m here apologising for not blogging recently, quite allot has happened the last several months and my life has been a little unstable until recently. Obviously I have continued my development work but just haven’t had the time (or wanted) to blog about my life. So lets start from the beginning, those who […]