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MCServer Gallery Work

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Today I have spent most of the day working on the new gallery feature for MCServer, it is working far better than my first vision. It’s Fantastic!!

The way it will work is simple but requires some all-round modifications to MCServer. Firstly I will need to implement a new login system for the minecraft users, I’m thinking of grabbing the white-list.txt users as the login usernames, the login interface will change to have 3 inputs: Username – Password – Login Code.

Like before, the Login Code is a unique code set by the MCServer administrator, no login or account creation (explained below) is allowed without the correct code.
So anyway a new user would input there minecraft username, a desirable password and the Login Code. When they hit enter there password is saved in a settings file and now when they login in future they will be required to enter the same password. I’m thinking this will be adequate, but I also have concerns that it could be easy to capture someone else’s account before they create it? However if this were to ever happen I could add a “email for support” option for problems like this.

Okay so the changes for login are required because every user will be able to upload to their own gallery, keeping everyone's gallery separate! Gallery's will be available to everyone for viewing though and I’m not thinking of adding any privacy options any time soon (are they even a required feature? blast the forums if you think so).

So here is a bunch of screenshots so far showing how it is going to work!

So to finish this post, here is what I have left:

You can read the feature list and get the latest release by visiting the MCServer webpage.

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