12-12-12 12:12:12 – Last palendrical date for a millennium!

It’s just happened! The last palendrical date (same number date) to happen for another millennium!

You would think todays date is interesting but nothing too special, but consider that this can only happen 12 times every millennium and you can quickly understand why it is regarded as a special event. Even a solar eclipse happens more often!


Mayan Predictions

I have heard and read many stories about the Mayan Calendar and the end of the world. Let me distinguish those claims now, in fact the Mayan Calendar does not complete it’s cycle until 21-12-12 which gives you a whole 9 days to think about the meaning of life…

Just because the Calendar comes to an cycle end does not mean the world is set to end as some people interpret  Firstly you should be aware that the Mayan have several "counters", like wheels of time they count a period of time, end and start again. So it is highly likely the Long Count of 5125 years was not meant to be an end but a re-occurring counter that is simply marking the end of a count and a start of a new count.

The origin of this being the end comes from some hidden stone markings, and the fact it seems the start of this Long Count occurred just after a devastating and catastrophic ice age hit the earth, stripping away almost all life from the planet around 3114 BCE – researchers are quite baffled as to how the Mayan’s even knew about this catastrophic event as it happened way before the Mayan civilization started (and in fact way before we even think humans existed). This all could, however just be coincidence.

Ancient Mayan writings seem to conflict, some say the world will suffer a massive change, perhaps from a comet, polar shifts or some other massive event that will change the planet considerably. Other writings mention gods and their supposed return at the start of the new count. Who knows!

Anyway enjoy your palendrical date, because who knows – there may not be any intelligent life for the next coming of the palendrical alignment!

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Thankyou for sharing Deano!! Fi :)